Choosing a Roommate for Law School – Florida State Law

Hi! My name is Marin Donnelly and I’m currently a 3L at FSU College of Law. I am about to take you readers back to the spring of my senior year of college at the University of Florida.

It was just after I had decided I wanted to officially go to FSU for law school, and for a lack of better words, I was terrified. The fear came from not only the heavy schoolwork, but also the fact that I would know little to no one in my class. Thankfully, one of my very good friends from undergrad randomly asked me what my living arrangements were once I made the move to Tallahassee. I explained to her that I had no idea. I was beginning to worry a bit. Then she excitedly said she knew of another girl at UF, Ali Bowlby, who was going to FSU for law school, and she believed we would get along beautifully. One thing led to another, and sure enough Ali and I had agreed to become roommates! Even better, during our 1L year we were put in the same section and had almost every class together.

Overall, it was amazing to constantly have someone who understood what you were going through during those first few months of the adjustment into law school. On top of that, we ended becoming friends with the same people and finally found a community together. Flash forward to today and we have moved into a townhouse with Allison McDonough, another 3L, who we met on the first day of orientation. Now that we are all in our last year of school, we have very different schedules but the fact that the three of us have the law school element in common has been very beneficial.

You don’t have to live with a fellow law student if you don’t want to, but you should live with someone who will respect the fact that your life mostly consists of working hard both inside and outside the classroom. If you are dead set on having a roommate, just do your research and be up front with that person by explaining what you expect your first year of law school to entail.

Hope this anecdote and advice give you some ease! Good luck!

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