From a Graduating 3L – Florida State Law

As a graduating 3L, I would go back and tell myself to take the time to slow down and enjoy the little accomplishments along the way. You can have it all but not all at once.

As an incoming first-year law student, it is so scary to think about the next three years ahead of you. You are overwhelmed not only by the emotion of beginning law school, but by all of the expectations you have set for yourself. You want to clerk for a judge, get a summer associate position, and land your dream job. You also want to get the perfect grades, have a social life, and make time for your family. There are a million different wants, needs, and desires going through your head before you even start your first day of classes!

I am weeks away from graduation day as a 3L and overwhelmed by the feeling of not being in law school. I am sad to leave the place where I spent the last three years of my life, the place I have laughed (and cried), and shared so many memories. But I am also aware of the simple fact that I did have it all during my time here…just not all at once.

I did make time for my friends and family.

I did have a social life.

I did get that summer associate position.

I did land my dream job.

I did make it through law school.

But this did not happen all at once. It took time for me to adjust to the law school environment as a 1L. It took time for me to get my first “A” in law school. It took time (and a lot of effort) for me to find and land my summer job as a 2L. It took time for me to make friends and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. All these accomplishments were not easy to achieve and did not come all at once – they were a product of little moments along the way.

And I still remember each of these little moments. The day I received the phone call that I was accepted into FSU College of Law. The day I met my best friends 1L year on the green. The day my sister transferred and became a law student at FSU with me. The day I received my first callback from a firm for an interview. The day I received an e-mail with my job offer in Tampa. I think about these milestones now and smile, reminiscing back to when I was so stressed and overwhelmed with emotion…little did I know that these moments put together would cultivate the best three years of my life.

So, if I had one piece of advice to give my younger self, it would be to enjoy the little accomplishments along the way. They will make your time at FSU Law not only memorable, but worthwhile as these will be the memories you cherish most when you graduate. You’re not going to remember the one time you forgot a case name, or that one time you missed a cold call. You’re going to remember the memories that made you, you.

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