How to Spend the Summer Before 1L Year – Florida State Law

So, you’re an incoming 1L…

You’re deciding where to live, and perhaps who to live with. You are potentially spending your last moments with your family and friends in your hometown before the big move. You are likely feeling anxious and wanting to prepare for this thing that is law school!

So how can you prepare?

Well, to put it simply, you can’t! But to comfort you, you don’t need to. The classes you take during orientation will teach you how to brief cases, what to look for while reading them, how to handle cold calls, and more. Orientation will teach you exactly what your professors are looking for, rather than guesswork likely provided in third party resources.


If you must do something for fear you might spontaneously combust otherwise, I recommend 1L of a Ride by Andew McClurg, which provides good insight on what to expect in the coming year.

My advice to you:

Do what recharges you. Do what will fulfill you and what will allow you to start law school with a positive mindset and renewed goal. Law school is a long and hard process, so get some rest while you can. Come to school fully recharged and ready to grow as a person, to learn, and to work hard!

Perhaps you might spend some time this summer getting to know your future classmates.

You will find that in the coming months, many of the names and faces which appear on social media will become your closest friends. By the time your 1L year comes to a close, you might even be a bit sad that your classes will not be filled with the same friendly faces. Your law school friends are the ones who can relate most closely to the experiences and trials you will endure for the next three years. Coming to orientation with a friend or two will likely provide you a sense of security and comfort, so talking to your classmates over the summer would be a great way to get started! The admitted student Facebook page is an excellent resource to find your classmates to connect.

In sum…

There is really nothing you can do to fully prepare for 1L of law school. At most, you can relax, recharge, and start the process of meeting new friends. Take ease knowing that orientation will prepare you for all that you need in 1L, and that everyone at FSU Law wants to see you succeed and will help you do so.

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