VC Investment & Careers in PropTech

Whilst PropTech is still practically in its infancy, the industry has been booming and is full of infinite opportunities. And as demand for professionals within the PropTech industry continues to grow, market leading consultants in the UK like LMRE realised that even those that come from a traditional real estate space could transfer their skills to a startup environment.

James Gershfield is the head of UK PropTech, VC & RE Investment at LMRE in charge of connecting the best talent within PropTech and Real Estate with the most innovative companies globally. He has been active in campaigns bringing UK and global awareness about the PropTech industry in general.

Going into a VC tends to be where we see most [financial professionals in the real estate market] go into…. You need to have real estate financial modelling skills, real estate development and investment experience, climate risk and real estate knowledge and general real estate valuation skills… [which are] courses that Cambridge Finance offers.”

As part of the push towards bringing in more awareness and professionals into the PropTech industry, James has set aside time for an online presentation about careers and opportunities within the PropTech industry for members of Cambridge Finance.

James has touched on the following points on his video below:

  • How market leading consultants like LMRE help their VC and startup clients and deliver the right talents at the right time.
  • What PropTech really is, where it has been and where it has got to.
  • The rise of PropTech, how much has been invested in the industry and why it is booming
  • The five sub-categories covering the life-cycle of real estate: Finance and Invest, Design and Build, Market and Transact, Manage and Operate, and Live and Work
  • Growth strategy (market focus, business planning and resource investing) and exit strategy (shareholders agreement, due diligence process and professional M&A process) of the VC world
  • The opportunities for finance professionals within the real estate market working for a VC with the skill sets from courses that Cambridge Finance offers.

For those looking to start a career in the real estate and PropTech industry, take a look at Cambridge Finance:

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